Installing Opensim Server on Ubuntu 13.10

I was working on Opensim about 1 and half year ago.  Today I thought to get that again on my ubuntu desktop. I thought to write about how it went, so you might want to have it in your system.

First of all, opensim needs mono. So I installed mono.

$ sudo apt-get install mono-complete

Then I downloaded the source code from opensim website (  The package will be something like opensim- Other built packages does not have file. So get the source code. Extracted it and built it.

$ cd opensim
$ ./
$ xbuild

I took around 2-3 minutes and finally showed 0 warnings. I think it went well. Now I have to find a way to start it. Now its time to make up configuration file. Created the ini file.

$ cd bin/
$ cp OpenSim.ini.example OpenSim.ini
$ cp config-include/StandaloneCommon.ini.example config-include/StandaloneCommon.ini

Opened OpenSim.ini  and uncommented following line.

 Include-Architecture = “config-include/Standalone.ini”

Now from bin/ folder, following command is run.

$ mono OpenSim.32BitLaunch.exe

It was asking for some options for region and estate, estate owner details, in this first run. I gave some input of my choice.

Finally the server is in running mode.



June 29, 2012

Getting bored with work these days. Mind is not getting ready to do the office work. Looks like suddenly my brain capacity got changed from 95% to 10%. Don’t know how to recharge my mind. Searched on google and they say its “brain-fog”. Fog?? in brain ??